The 24 Hour Hack

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Is your company ready to withstand a cyber attack?

What would your staff do if they were suddenly being targeted?

How do you validate the technology you've already purchased?

Breadcrumb has developed a focused security solution, offering organizations of all sizes the opportunity to undergo professional, cost-effective penetration testing.

What will we do?

It’s simple. Sign up for The 24 Hour Hack to undergo 24 hours of systematic breach efforts at an unspecified date within 12 months of purchase. The date and time remain 100% undisclosed.

Utilizing various attack strategies, we keep the pressure on for 24 hours. It's an excellent way to regularly validate preparedness, prevention strategies, and the overall responsiveness of staff.

Typical Strategies:

  • Domain Spoofing
  • Data Dumps + Inference
  • Impersonation
  • Malware / Exploit Development
  • Media Drops
  • Web Attacks
  • Wireless Exploitation
  • And more!

What do you get?

Given the focused nature of this test, the duration, and it's affordability, the reporting is provided in condensed form.

We will provide:

  • Explanation of reconnaissance efforts
  • Detailed listing of externally discovered services
  • Detailed listing of all attack strategies
  • Breakdown and explanation of successful attack strategies

How does the 24 Hour Hack compare to a traditional penetration test?

The fundamental premise of The 24 Hour Hack is to assess your first line prevention technologies, measure staff awareness, and to evaluate the effectiveness of your detection and response strategies. The 24 Hour Hack offers your organization the ability to incorporate a cost effective and routine offensive service as part of your on-going security strategy (i.e. quarterly, semi-annually).

The intended goal of traditional penetration testing is to holistically and systematically evaluate the effectiveness of a security program against numerous attack vectors. Weaknesses are isolated and scrutinized via vulnerability assessments, and then exploited. This process typically takes 6-8 weeks, and pricing starts at $15,000 - $25,000. Moreover, it's considerably more exhaustive in nature, and required for organizations fulfilling regulatory requirements.