The dedication to our craft is unparalleled.

Safely navigating your company through today’s data security challenges can be a significant undertaking. Choosing the right security partner will often mean the difference between stopping a threat, and your sensitive data being breached.

The demand for technology consultants to thoroughly understand their customers’ cyber exposure has never been higher.

Breadcrumb Cybersecurity was formed as a response to this demand. From penetration testing and regulatory compliance, to digital forensics and managed detection services, Breadcrumb is dedicated to keeping your infrastructure, sensitive business data, and reputation secure from cyber threats.

Most organizations see us as a member of their staff, a partner with the expertise and experience to help safely guide the way forward in today's cyber threat landscape.

Getting started with Breadcrumb is easy. Contact us today and we'll schedule a convenient time to meet with you.

The security field is underrepresented and in desperate need of qualified firms to assist organizations in navigating today’s burgeoning security challenges.
— Brian Horton, Founder