From ethical hacking and penetration testing, to regulatory compliance and employee training, we’re dedicated to keeping your business data safe.

Do you have a clear vision for your organization's cybersecurity goals?

60% of businesses were breached last year. Will you be next?

What is your current IT firm doing to mitigate the next cyber attack against your business network?

In today's business climate, navigating technology choices can be overwhelming. From disaster recovery and business continuity, to cloud services and support vendors - the available options to build and support a business network are numerous.

While building a network that delivers business value and ease of use is the primary goal, what about securing the network? How should today's cyber threats influence how we purchase and implement technology? How do we measure and prioritize cyber risk within the organization? What should we expect from our support vendors?  The demand for technology consultants to thoroughly understand their customers’ business exposure has never been higher. Not only does the consultant need to understand available solutions as they relate to their customers' business objectives, but they must also understand associated cyber risks.

Traditionally, the trust that is extended to technology partners is birthed out of necessity, rather than a genuine and established relationship. At Breadcrumb, we’re changing this trend.

Breadcrumb Cybersecurity was formed as a response to this demand. From ethical hacking and penetration testing, to regulatory compliance and employee training, we're dedicated keeping your business data safe. With decades of experience designing, implementing and managing technology initiatives throughout the US, we work alongside our customers, helping them keep their digital assets secure from a cyber breach. The dedication to our craft is unparalleled. Most organizations see us as a member of their staff, a partner with the expertise and experience to help safely guide the way forward in today's cyber threat landscape.

Getting started with Breadcrumb is easy. Contact us today and we'll schedule a convenient time to meet with you.