Having partnered with 100+ affordable housing developers and housing agencies since 2008 on nearly 400 projects, Brian is a regularly sought after technology expert within the Affordable Housing industry. We not only know how to ensure proper regulatory compliance, but are intimately aware of how to work with the funding challenges that exist and how to cater to the specific populations you serve. From concept to completion, ITSI understands the needs of the developer who chooses to deliver the services, the residents who will use the services and the property management firms that will oversee the services.

Resident Internet

We believe that today’s vulnerable populations are the most at risk for being left behind in our technology-forward climate. Providing high-speed internet helps bridge the digital divide and it is our mission to support developers who believe in equipping their residents with the tools needed to join and compete in today’s technology-driven society.

Recent work includes the CA TCAC program and AB1299 grant funding.

Architectural Program Development

Having a holistic architectural program that addresses today's technology needs is critical to ensuring your projects meet the growing demands of today's Affordable Housing climate. 

  • C7 / low voltage design review
  • ISP / telecommunications agreement negotiation
  • Project Wi-Fi
  • RFI response
  • Vendor coordination