This week, Breadcrumb Cybersecurity performed custom, healthcare centric training for Administrative Solutions, Inc. Our team highlighted the cybercriminal landscape, compliance requirements, top hacking strategies affecting the healthcare industry, and prevention strategies for mitigating risk.

Administrative Solutions, Inc. (ASi), is a highly regarded Third Party Administrator (TPA) specializing in group benefits and related services since June 2001. ASi has positioned itself to be an all-inclusive TPA for employers of all sizes and is innovative in providing solutions to employee benefit plans. Based In Fresno, California, ASi provides services for employers across the country.

With today’s threat landscape, compliance is no longer enough. In addition to performing our required HIPAA Security Risk Assessment, ASi engaged Breadcrumb Cybersecurity to perform a full vulnerability assessment and penetration test. Having a local firm that specializes in cyber, as well as healthcare is indispensable. Their findings and recommendations were insightful and practical. We look forward to an on-going security partnership with Breadcrumb.
— Barry Maas, President, Administrative Solutions, Inc.
Breadcrumb conducting a staff training with Administrative Solutions, Inc.

Breadcrumb conducting a staff training with Administrative Solutions, Inc.

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One of the most valuable investments an organization can make with regard to cybersecurity is training their team members. Short, intentional, and focused training events can reap huge benefits for employers. By preparing your employees, you dramatically lower the odds of a breach.

Breadcrumb offers customized staff cybersecurity awareness training for organizations of all sizes, across all industries. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.