On Tuesday, October 10, Breadcrumb Cybersecurity - formerly IT Strategy, Inc. - presented The California Cybersecurity Initiative: Privacy is the New Currency. The inaugural event, hosted at McCormick Barstow, LLP, highlighted the financial and reputational risks associated with today’s cyber threats, as well as the economic advantage to protecting the privacy of patients, customers, and sensitive corporate data.

Close to 100 Central Valley business owners, IT directors, and security professionals attended the free event.

Speakers included: Nathan Magsig, Fresno County Supervisor, District 5; Brian Horton, CEO of Breadcrumb Cybersecurity; Jeremy Crider, FBI Special Agent; and Justin Pretzer, Partner at Der Manouel Insurance Group.

IT Strategy, Inc. CEO, Brian Horton, also demonstrated several ‘Live Hacks’ to the stunned audience. Including one where an email attachment containing a resume is actually malware-capable of turning on your webcam and accessing your files.

"If you're posting for a job, then you are automatically going to be receiving emails from people you don't know, opening up attachments from people you don't know. Half the battle is won for the hackers," said Horton.

IT Strategy, Inc. looks forward to hosting future events, continually raising the awareness of cyber crime in the Central Valley, and to helping local business prevent and defend against hackers.

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