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Creating a Culture of Security: Review

Creating a culture of security, as you’ve likely gathered, is not a static process. The key to staying ahead of cybercriminals is consistent review and updates. A common mistake organizations make with their security awareness program is failing to plan long term. Often times, they get caught up in the initial roll-out of their training, but forget to plan on updating their program periodically. New types of attacks are consistently generated, so it is important that senior management and the IT department work together to stay ahead of the hackers. The key to maintaining a strong security posture is consistent review and updates. 

Creating a Culture of Security: 5 Practical Steps

The rise in corporate cyber-attacks costs businesses billions of dollars. From startups to large publicly-traded corporations, it is rare that a day goes by without another story of a cybersecurity breach. 

A quality IT department or outsourced IT firm is the first step in the defense against cyber threats. These professionals implement the basic tools to prevent many attacks. However, even with the most well trained, staffed, and funded IT department, your business remains just one click away from undermining those protections.