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It's Time to Stop Believing These 4 Cybersecurity Myths

Cybersecurity. In recent years, this term has officially became a household name. Rarely does a day pass without news of a cybersecurity breach wreaking havoc on an organization and its customers or patients. 

Luckily, these highly public breaches have led more small-mid size businesses to consider the threat that cybercrime may pose to their enterprise. In our experience, many of these organizations have a few misconceptions when it comes to developing a strong security posture. In order to defend themselves against the risks they face, organizations need to debunk these myths. Here are four of the most common myths:

Over 50% of Small Businesses Have Been Cyberattack Victims... And Many Didn't Even Know.

Does your favorite yoga studio or local ice cream shop have a cybersecurity risk management plan? If not, they may be putting their sensitive data- or yours- at risk of cybertheft.

According to new research from insurance firm Nationwide, a significant percentage of small businesses may not know they have been a cyberattack victim due to a lack of understanding as to what constitutes a cyberattack.

Nationwide’s annual survey of business owners found that 13 percent said they experienced a cyberattack.

However, that number jumped to 58 percent of owners who identified as victims when shown a list of specific examples of attacks, including phishing, viruses and ransomware - revealing a 45 percent gap in lack of understanding about what constitutes an actual attack.