Incident Response

Breadcrumb helps resolve cyber security incidents quickly, efficiently and at scale.


When you discover a data breach or other pressing cyber incident, you want a partner with proven experience investigating and responding to sophisticated cyber-attacks, ties to law enforcement, and industry-leading processes and tools to minimize impact and speed recovery.

Breadcrumb consultants combine their expertise with industry-leading threat intelligence and endpoint technology to help you with a wide range of activities. Whether you have 50 or 100,000 computers, our consultants can be up and running in a matter of hours, analyzing your network and systems for malicious activity.

"Nearly two-thirds of all companies (65%) say that it is currently too difficult for them to decide correctly on the priority level of each software patch." - Qualys


If your organization needs immediate assistance for a possible incident or security breach, don’t delay. 

Breadcrumb Responds to a Wide Variety of Incidents

Intellectual Propery

Theft of trade secrets or other sensitive information

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Exposure of information used to uniquely identify individuals

Insider Threats

Inappropriate or unlawful activity performed by employees, vendors and other insiders

Financial Crime

Payment card data theft, illicit ACH/EFT cash transfers, extortion and ransomware

Destructive Attacks

Attacks solely intended to cause the victim organization hardship by making information or systems unrecoverable

Protected Health Information

Exposure of protected health care information

Post-Incident Deliverable's

All critical information will be detailed and documented in three actionable sections:
  • Executive Summary

Summarizes investigative process(es), major findings, and containment/eradication activities.
  • Investigative Review
Details attack timeline and critical path with a list of affected computers, locations, user accounts, and information.
  • Remediation Review
Details containment and eradication measures and includes strategic recommendations to enhance your organization’s security posture.
At the end of an investigation, you’ll know the full scope of the incident, including:
  • Affected applications, networks, systems, and user accounts
  • Malicious software and exploited vulnerabilities
  • Information accessed or stolen
"It was a pleasure working with the team at Breadcrumb. Their understanding of security far surpassed our expectations. Breadcrumb’s findings helped shape our path forward to better protecting our critical data."
— Anthony Venuto, Director of Information Technology | ENT and Allergy Associates, LLP