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How to Stay on the Right Side of Fraud and Abuse Laws and What to Do When They Claim You're Not.

An evening event loaded with information to keep you on the right side of fraud and abuse laws.

  • Stark, Anti-kickback and other considerations in negotiating and drafting agreements with suppliers, service providers, other healthcare providers and Health Plans.
  • What providers need to know about the False Claims Act, including among other issues, its application to billing and overpayments.
  • The OIG's 2000 Compliance Guidance and establishing an effective compliance program.
  • What to expect and how to respond to Government subpeonas, Civil Investigative Demands, search warrants, and civil lawsuits alleging a violation of the fraud and abuse laws.
  • Best practices for protecting your patient's data from both internal and external threats.

Daniel O. Jamison, Dowling Aaron, Inc.

Anne N. Vaz, Dowling Aaron, Inc.

Nathan W. Powell, Dowling Aaron, Inc.

Jennifer Guidry, Breadcrumb Cybersecurity

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