Managed Assessment

Delivered as a fully managed solution, Breadcrumb provides instant global visibility into where your IT assets are vulnerable and how to protect them.

Disrupting the vulnerability management market, the Breadcrumb managed assessment platform offers a 100% managed, UNLIMITED IP, end-to-end vulnerability management solution for all of your on-premise and cloud assets. Utilizing award-winning data analytic strategies, Breadcrumb helps your organization isolate critical system vulnerabilities – before malicious threats can exploit them.

Once your IT assets are on-boarded, Breadcrumb provides your team with regular reporting, detailing exposures for every IT asset within your organization. Report formats include PDF, CSV, PDF, XML and custom API integration.

"Over the past five years, security breaches have increased by 67%." - Accenture



Native Integration with Popular Platforms

How it Works

Managed Assessment 2
Breadcrumb proactively categorizes all discovered vulnerabilities, allowing for efficient remediation prioritization.

Zero Day

Vulnerabilities for which there is no vendor patch available and for which an active attack has been observed in the wild

Actively Attacked

Vulnerabilities that are being actively attacked in the wild

Easy Exploit

Vulnerabilities that can be exploited easily, requiring few skills and little knowledge

Denial of Service

Vulnerabilities whose payload could overload the compromised systems so that they become permanently or temporarily unavailable


Vulnerabilities associated with a malware infection

Public Exploit

Vulnerabilities whose exploit knowledge is well known, and for which exploit code exists and is publicly available

High Lateral Movement

Vulnerabilities that, if compromised, let the attacker propagate the attack broadly throughout the breached network

High Data Loss

Vulnerabilities whose exploit will yield massive data loss

No Patch

Vulnerabilities for which there isn’t a fix from the vendor

Exploit Kit

Vulnerabilities for which an exploit kit is available
“Having a local firm that specializes in cybersecurity was indispensable. Their findings and recommendations were insightful and practical. We look forward to an on-going security partnership with Breadcrumb.”
— Barry Maas, CEO | ASI Benefits
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