Active Directory Security Assessment

A comprehensive and systematic review of critical Active Directory security configurations and industry best practices.

Active Directory is a critical target that malicious threats attack once they gain initial access into an organization. Threats will leverage Active Directory to perform reconnaissance, escalate privileges, access data, and otherwise “persist” in the environment. Simply put, Active Directory contains the “keys to the kingdom,” and if not well protected, it will rapidly compromise the security of any organization.

Breadcrumb offers an exhaustive review of your Active Directory environment, assessing common security configuration deficiencies that attackers leverage during a breach. Breadcrumb’s assessment involves the analysis of critical indicators, privilege escalation, crypto analysis of user password strengths, group policies, and real-time anomalies.

Once complete, you’ll have a road map to establishing a secure foundation for your Active Directory environment.

"55% of organizations say that privileged users are their biggest insider threat risk." - ObserveIT

Key Assessment Areas

“The team at Breadcrumb definitely understands security and how to demonstrate cyber risk. They’re a great resource to organizations like ours.”
— Raj Nagra, Chief Technology Officer | Clovis Unified School District
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