Cybersecurity Posture Assessment

Strengthening your cybersecurity posture for increased resilience and ROI.

A Cybersecurity Posture Assessment is a valuable first step for any organization wanting to identify where they’re at, what they’re missing, and what they need to do to increase their cybersecurity maturity level. Unlike a penetration test or a standard information security audit, a Cybersecurity Posture Assessment provides C-Level Executives with clarity and direction in terms of their organization’s cybersecurity posture, maximizing the ROI of their security-related expenses.

The posture assessment integrates all facets of cybersecurity into one comprehensive assessment approach, providing an overall view of your organization’s internal and external security posture. When complete, Breadcrumb will provide your organization with an actionable and pragmatic cybersecurity roadmap, detailing quick-win recommendations and long-term strategic goals.

Key Deliverables:

  • Identifying and categorizing the value of organizational data
  • Defining the cyber risks and threat exposure of sensitive data
  • Evaluating whether appropriate, reliable and efficient security measures are in place
  • Recommending a concrete action plan (i.e., a ‘cybersecurity roadmap’) to better mitigate exposures and strengthen cybersecurity defenses

"Nearly two-thirds of all companies (65%) say that it is currently too difficult for them to decide correctly on the priority level of each software patch." - Ponemon Institute

Control Review Strategies

Cybersecurity Posture Assessment 13

Vulnerability Assessment

Automated assessment of IP connected assets for known vulnerabilities/CVEs
Cybersecurity Posture Assessment 14

Wireless Topology

Man-in-the-middle susceptibility, rogue AP detection, endpoint de-authentication
Cybersecurity Posture Assessment 15

Active Directory Security

Credential disclosure, account control, in-depth crypto-review of all AD passwords)

Cybersecurity Posture Assessment 16

Malware/AV Defenses

Signature evasion, DEP/ASLR exploitation, common hash detection
Cybersecurity Posture Assessment 17

Network Protocols

Isolation of un-encrypted channels and unsecured network services
Cybersecurity Posture Assessment 18

Boundary Probing

External probing, IPS evasion, isolation of attack surfaces and unfiltered ports, VPN interrogation

Common Assessment Categories

Cybersecurity Posture Assessment 19

IT Audits

IT audits provide insight into potential gaps in processes and procedures in a technology environment. Audits identify problem areas by reviewing how well technology controls are designed and implemented.
Cybersecurity Posture Assessment 20

Pentration Testing

Penetration testing is a proactive approach to discovering exploitable vulnerabilities in your computer systems, network, and web applications. Gaining an understanding of these vulnerabilities will enable you to resolve issues before an attacker interrupts business operations with a devastating security breach.
Cybersecurity Posture Assessment 21

Cybersecurity Consulting

Breadcrumb consultants meet with clients to gain an understanding of their organizational culture, risk tolerance levels, regulatory environment, and industry pressures. This allows the team to approach information security using a risk-based methodology, enabling customization of each solution.

Cybersecurity Posture Assessment 22

Compliance and Controls

Breadcrumb will help discover a balance of risk management and security without compromising your organization’s mission and budget.

Cybersecurity Posture Assessment 23

Security Awareness and Training

When implemented properly, security awareness and training activities can lead to greater reporting of suspected attempts to compromise an organization’s critical assets, and fewer instances of employees falling prey to cyber threats and tactics.

Cybersecurity Posture Assessment 24

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning are critical to a business’s ability to weather interruptions to business functions and recover in case of a disaster. We help you identify critical assets and plan accordingly.
"As a financial institution, data security is always a top priority. Breadcrumb’s insightful recommendations far exceeded our expectations. Having a trusted partner for all our cyber security needs has been invaluable.”
— Keith Hesterberg, CEO | Fresno Madera Farm Credit
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