Expert Witness & Litigation Support

Providing digital forensic expertise across the investigative, discovery, and litigation lifecycle.

The preservation, collection, minimization, production, and analysis of electronically stored information (ESI) has become increasingly important to the litigation process. Supporting a wide variety of case types, Breadcrumb provides the digital forensic expertise that law firms require.

Utilizing advanced forensic techniques, Breadcrumb can reconstruct complicated timelines, locate deleted file content, examine systems for the presence of tampering, and more.

Litigation Services:

"67% of organizations reported increases in impersonation fraud." - Mimecast

The Forensic Process

Evidence Scoping

We play a role in helping an organization understand the overall electronic evidence discovery process, the types of information that may be available for analysis, and what approaches are most efficient.

Evidence Collection

We acquire electronic media so that it can be effectively analyzed. Services range from the forensic duplication of a single piece of media to extensive data collection across multiple physical locations. Our consultants can even collect evidence from systems that cannot be taken offline during the evidence collection process.


Throughout the litigation support process, we often need to perform challenging digital forensics, which is our greatest strength. The goal of electronic evidence discovery is to identify information that will corroborate or discredit a claim. Sometimes it requires creativity and advanced technical knowledge to identify such evidence.

Examination & Data Minimization

We help reduce the time and cost of the production and review process by performing a thorough review of collected media to understand where relevant email, attachments, documents, or evidence sources may reside. This includes identifying and producing file stores such as compressed files, encrypted partitions, and virtual systems.


We generate evidence for review by identifying attorney/client privileged information and redacting it based on jointly agreed-upon criteria. Our consultants have generated files for review from deleted, slack, or unallocated space, and performed analysis of proprietary application files that require interpretation.

"The team at Breadcrumb provided professional and expeditious service, easing our worries during a very stressful situation. I would highly recommend them to any organization."
— Jenn Pike-Owens, COO | TETER
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