M&A Cyber Risk Assessment

Buying another company means taking on its digital footprint, which can introduce new and potentially deal altering cybersecurity risks.


Expanding your organization’s operational capabilities shouldn’t mean increasing the cyber risk to your business operations. Various M&A scenarios could arise that may introduce unforeseen risks:


  • A potential M&A target could have existing security vulnerabilities, unknowingly allowing access to your network and sensitive data
  • The M&A target network could have been compromised by threats that have extracted valuable intellectual property, materially impacting its valuation
  • The partner organization could lack sufficient controls to match your organization’s current information security strategy, introducing unintended vulnerabilities

Leveraging proprietary assessment and analysis techniques, a Breadcrumb M&A Assessment performs the necessary analysis, testing and overall diagnosis of these scenarios. The goal: provide the recommendations and information necessary for your management team to make informed decisions – before a potential transaction occurs.

"...when performing due diligence, buyers treat cybersecurity programs as an asset, and the vast majority (96%) of them take into account cybersecurity readiness to determine the overall monetary value of the selling company." - ISC(2)

Key Assessment Areas

Vulnerability Assessment
Through automated and manual discovery processes, Breadcrumb will evaluate M&A target assets for known security vulnerabilities and weaknesses.
Policy Compliance
Through automated and manual discovery processes, Breadcrumb can evaluate M&A target assets for a wide variety of compliance standards, including PCI, CIS, ISO 27001, GLBA, HIPAA, FERPA, and others, giving you the confidence that IT assets are aligned with stated frameworks.
Network Inspection
Breadcrumb network security sensors are deployed in strategic monitoring locations in your enterprise to detect compromise activity such as malware command and control communication, unauthorized remote access, and data theft.
Endpoint Inspection
Breadcrumb security agents provide real-time detection of attacker activity, including malware and other tactics, techniques and procedures, and investigate Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints.


  • Two-page executive summary report
  • Risk ratings and maturity scores for the M&A assessment target in the merger or acquisition
  • High-level recommendations for long-term improvement
“…Breadcrumb’s local presence and deep understanding of the medical industry make them an ideal choice for our organization. I highly recommend Breadcrumb’s services and look forward to working with them in the future.”
— Gretta Petersen, Director of Operations Support Services | Kings View Behavioral Health