Penetration Testing as a Service

Leveraging regular and focused penetration testing exercises, Breadcrumb provides your team with actionable feedback throughout the year.


Traditional Penetration Testing is often described as an “annual event”, with testing exercises lasting multiple weeks to several months. While outcomes are valuable, they can be overwhelming, making remediation and prioritization efforts challenging. In worst-case scenarios, organizations end up with more questions than answers, and no clear direction forward.

Breadcrumb’s Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) tackles this challenge by offering on-going and regular micro-testing. Each calendar quarter, Breadcrumb will focus on one testing strategy, ensuring the scope is manageable and focused. The result? Your team gets actionable and pragmatic results  – all within budget.

"Ransomware attacks against will increase 500% by 2021." - Cybersecurity Ventures



How it Works

Each calendar quarter, Breadcrumb engineers will strategically select one attack vector for exploitation. (note: the selection of the vector may be left to the discretion of Breadcrumb, or chosen in collaboration with your organization)

Breadcrumb conducts the testing (unannounced) within the calendar quarter, keeping your staff and technical team on their toes.

At the end of the quarter, Breadcrumb vCISO(s) meet with your team, reviewing the results, and offering practical and actionable advice on enhanced prevention and detection strategies.

Typical Penetration Testing Strategies

  • BS_Check_Shield_White Business Email Compromise
  • BS_Check_Shield_White Custom Malware Development
  • BS_Check_Shield_White Data Interference, Metadata Harvesting
  • BS_Check_Shield_White Help Desk Impersonation
  • BS_Check_Shield_White Lool-alike Domain
  • BS_Check_Shield_White Physical Walk-Ins
  • BS_Check_Shield_White Social Engineering
  • BS_Check_Shield_White Spoofed Phone Calls
  • BS_Check_Shield_White Vendor Impersonation
  • BS_Check_Shield_White WiFi Manipulation


Penetration Testing as a Service 1
“It was a pleasure working with the team at Breadcrumb. Their understanding of security far surpassed our expectations. Breadcrumb’s findings helped shape our path forward to better protecting our critical data. ”
- Anthony Venuto, Director of Information Technology | ENT & Allergy Associates